Editorial: Send a message to your MLA about class size
Fort Vermilion, Horizon, Northland, Nord-Ouest Francophone and Prairie Land.These are the five school divisions where the average K–3 class size is meeting the target adopted by the government nearly 15 years ago. Every other school division is exceeding the target. Read more

Association supports Catholic education and single curriculum
The Alberta Teachers’ Association does not support the creation of a separate sex education curriculum for Catholic students but does support publicly funded Catholic education and the teaching of Catholic values alongside the program of studies.

To Infinity and Beyond!
Edmonton’s Telus World of Science gives teachers free entry to the Science Behind Pixar Exhibition

Teachers and school boards deliver improvement plans
The Classroom Improvement Fund (CIF) created during the recent round of central table bargaining has delivered its first batch of approved proposals.

Guide to Education 2017 - 2018
View the complete guide to education for 2017 - 2018. Read it now.

Code of Professional Conduct
The Code of Professional Conduct stipulates minimum standards of professional conduct of teachers but is not an exhaustive list of such standards. Unless exempted by legislation, any member of The Alberta Teachers' Association who is alleged to have violated the standards of the profession, including the provisions of the code, may be subject to a charge of unprofessional conduct under the bylaws of the Association.

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