ATA News Current Issue: June 12, 2018
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Q & A: Non-partisan doesn't mean apolitical
Question: In a recent Q&A, you were highly critical of a United Conservative Party (UCP) policy to divide the ATA into two separate organizations: a union and a professional association. How can you criticize the UCP when the ATA is supposed to be non-partisan?

Professional Growth Plans
Time to review and start planning your TPGP. Teachers have a professional responsibility to keep abreast of new developments in education and to continue to develop their professional practice. Teacher professional growth means the career-long learning process whereby a teacher annually develops and implements a plan to achieve professional learning objectives or goals that are consistent with the Teaching Quality Standard.

Editorial: Retired teachers: Lend us your power!
You know what students need, what teachers need and what public education needs to be the difference. I look forward to hearing your voice. Read more.

CTF Corner
Shortage of French-language teachers the subject of new research project Read More

ARA affirms importance of united teaching profession
One hundred and one years after the Alberta Education Association adopted motions to create an independent teachers’ organization, delegates of the 101st Annual Representative Assembly adopted resolutions to maintain the Alberta Teachers’ Association in its current form.

New Indigenous Education Resources
Professional Learning Pebbles is a collection of 24 short activities created by the Alberta Teachers’ Association Walking Together Project to support certificated teachers on their learning journey to meet the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Foundational Knowledge competency in the Teaching Quality Standard..

Guide to Education 2017 - 2018
View the complete guide to education for 2017 - 2018. Read it now.

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